Top 10 Tropea and surroundings MUST - DO


Whether you're just passing by or specifically chose the Costa degli Dei to be your holiday destination, these are the 10 things and experiences you must not miss!  


1) Indulge in the local foods and wines 

According to the New York Times, Calabria has the best meals amongst Italy - and we absolutely agree with that! 

For instance, around Tropea you can find some of the best local products.

These include our unique Tropea Red Onion, not only sweet to the taste buds, but also to your heart health; The N'Duja of Spilinga, a spicy spreadable salami; the Pecorino cheese and Beans of Monte Poro.

The area also stars excellent olive oil, wines, seafood and one of the widest selections of homemade delicacies of Italy

Experiencing food in Calabria truly is a Must-Do! 


 2) Chasing wonderful beaches 

ph. gerardo troisi

Tropea's coastline is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches of Europe.

Known as Costa Degli Dei (Coast of the Gods), the 30km from Zambrone to Capo Vaticano feature a landscape of rugged cliffs and crystal waters.

Just jump on a boat and go discover the numerous hidden beaches!

Needless to say - snorkeling and diving is a must! 


  3) Get ready for sunset 

foto di Francesco Mangialavori

Wherever you happen to be on the West Coast of Calabria, sunset time is one of the most touching moments.  

The whole coastline of Tropea offers multiple vantage points where to watch the sun setting behind the Aeolian skyline.

No matter if you are on the beach, on the hills or having an aperitivo in town: just make sure you keep your eyes towards the sea... and be amazed.

Especially during the month of August, sunsets get even more special - the Stromboli volcano will literally swallow the sun! Check the video out

Stromboli "swallow" the Sun - Tropea Sunset from Cosi Mali on Vimeo.

  4) Climb to the Sanctuary with a view

foto dal web

Since summer 2014 - finally after nine years - the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell'Isola di Tropea has reopened to the public

Symbol of the whole Calabria, this is a magic and mystical place; in fact, the medieval church perched atop the rocky cliff was a holy destination for pilgrims for centuries. 

Don't let the steep stairs hold you back, as once you have climbed to the top you will be rewarded with a unique 360 degrees view and you will be able to rest by taking a stroll in the peaceful and shaded monastery garden.

Check out all visiting hours 



  5) Wander in the heart of Tropea 

foto di Marco Lorenzo
Taking a "passeggiata" into the historic centre of Tropea is the best way to discover the so-called "Tyrrhenian's Pearl"!

Hidden in its maze of alleys, you'll discover ancient squares, churches, and buildings.  

Often you simply need to look between these laneways, and there you'll have a glimpse of the sea. Of course, the multitude of restaurants, bars, and gelaterie will give you a warm welcome into the Dolce Vita of Tropea.

 --> More information about guided tours 



  6) Parasailing along the Coast of the Gods 

If you would really like a unique view of Tropea's Coast, then parasailing is what you are looking for!

Gliding above the turquoise waters of the Costa Degli Dei is an awesome experience for people of all the ages. 

This adrenaline-filled yet safe activity will provide truly unforgettable moments! 



 7) Literally EXPERIENCE the Tartufo di Pizzo dessert

It's no wonder this is the most famous dessert in Calabria! Whether or not you are a dessert lover, the Tartufo is a must-eat.

The delicious dessert traditionally homemade in Pizzo Calabro is an indescribable rollercoaster of flavors in your mouth!

  8) The inland route

Amongst the Tropea Hills, you will discover many small towns that still keep up to the ancient traditions.

In the villages of Drapia and Ricadi, Zambrone countryside, and Zaccanopoli is where you will be able to soak up in the peacefulness of rural Calabria; Let the chilled out and back-to-the-origins lifestyle recharge your batteries. 

Yet if you feel active, the countryside is still able to offer a wide range of experiences including trekking, farm schools, wine and food itineraries, horseback riding, or hang-gliding above Monte Poro Area

For a unique cultural experience, go watch a theater performance surrounded by nature at Torre Marrana Theater

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 9) Jump back in time at the Zungri caves

ph. Monteleone

You can find the ancient rural village of Zungri with its best-kept treasure just 15 km away from Tropea. 

The archaeological site of the Sbariati consists of a tangle of interlocking caves that were inhabited since the prehistoric times, through to the Magna Grecia era, the Roman period, to the 6th century by neo-Greek populations. 

The Caves of Zungri is probably the most important geological sites in Monte Poro Area, although not the only one. 

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   10) Freshen Up with the Granita of Parghelia

 ph. Bar Reginaldo

The Granita is what makes the seaside town of Parghelia a must-visit - on top of its spectacular beaches of course! 

You can try this refreshing specialty in all the bars of this old fishermen village near Tropea.

Really a must during the hot Calabrian summer! 

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Il territorio tropeano è poco esteso, infatti con 3,59 km² si trova al 7805º posto in Italia per superficie (mentre è al 195° per densità di popolazione). La sua morfologia è particolare, si divide infatti in due parti: la parte superiore, dove si trova la maggior parte della popolazione e dove si svolge la vita quotidiana del paese, e una parte inferiore (chiamata "Marina"), che si trova a ridosso del mare e del porto di Tropea.

Discovering Tropea

Briatico è adagiato sulle scogliere della costa degli Dei e si affaccia sul golfo di Sant'Eufemia. La fondazione di Briatico è per tradizione fatta risalire ai Locresi, al tempo del loro passaggio a Hipponion. Le prime testimonianze certe sull'esistenza di Briatico risalgono al XII secolo quando Ruggero il Normanno, in una bolla riguardante la fondazione della diocesi di Mileto,

Capo Vaticano è un'estesa località balneare del comune di Ricadi (VV), ricca di strutture ricettive dotate dei servizi di animazione. Il promontorio che ne assume il nome raggiunge l'altezza massima di 124 metri ed è fatto di uno speciale granito, quello bianco-grigio, studiato in tutto il mondo per le sue particolarità geologiche.

Il Monte Poro è una montagna della Calabria che si eleva sul versante tirrenico tra l'Angitola, il Mesima e le Serre. Lo differenziano dagli altri massicci Calabresi: il clima mite, la variegata vegetazione e la densa popolazione distribuita in piccoli paesi. La sua modesta altitudine, di soli 710 s.l.m., permette l'antropizzazione dell'uomo anche nella zona più alta.

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